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Tutorial 2Ans - Tutorial 2 Answers Q1 There is more than...

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Tutorial 2 Answers Q1 : There is more than one solution for this question. In general, the solution is as follows: The Tables: BOXHOLDER BOX BOX HISTORY BOX HOLDER IC No ( Or BoxHolderNo.) First Name Last Name Address City State PostCode Phone Number BOX Box Number Length Height Depth Box Category Key Number BOX HISTORY Box Number BoxHolderNo Alternate Box HolderNo. Date Rented Q2 : a) This relation is in 1NF. There are two nonkey fields, VendorNo and InvDate that are dependent on only part of the key, InvNo. There are not dependent on the second key, TranNo. To move this relation into 2NF, it is necessary to divide it into two relations, each of which satisfies the dependency requirements. b) This set of relation is in 3NF, because they conform to the definition of that form. That is, each nonkey field is functionally dependent on the whole key and there are no transitive dependencies.
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Q3 : a JOB1(EmpNo , EmpName, Job_Title, Date_Hired) Assuming that EmpName is not unique. So EmpNo is the primary key. The relation is in
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