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 Multimedia and Learning Tutorial 3 1. Describe how knowledge about learning theories or instructional models is applied in the following research work: a. Grigoriadou et el., (2001) INSPIRE: An Intelligent System for Personalized Instruction in a Remote Environment, accessible at http://www.dcs.bbk.ac.uk/~gmagoulas/UM2001.pdf
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Unformatted text preview: . b. Cristea, A., (2004) Adaptive Course Creation for All, ITCC’04, IEEE, Las Vegas, US, accessible at http://wwwis.win.tue.nl/~acristea/HTML/Minerva/papers/ACristeaWWW EducationTrack-AdaptiveCourse-final-2give.pdf 2. Describe the characteristics of Directed and Constructivist Instructional Methods....
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