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WXGE6105_Bellman Ford's Algorithm - Group Assignment 1 :...

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Group Assignment 1 : Bellman-Ford’s Algorithm and Applications to the Network Routing Theory Chapter 1 : Introduction a) Introduction to Algorithm : An algorithm is a type of effective method in which a systematic list of a known set of instructions for completing a task, when initialized at the first stage, will proceed through a well-defined series of successive and progressive states, eventually terminating in an end-state . An algorithm can also be defined as a formula or a series of steps for solving a particular problem . For an arbitrary process to be defined as an algorithm, a set of rules must be unambiguous and have a clear stopping/terminating point. The history and origin of the very first algorithm can be traced back as early as 1600BC, in which the Babylonians started to record a set of procedures for solving basic mathematical problems such as finding the common divisor of two numbers or multiplying two numbers. A sample of a simple algorithm can be expressed as a flowchart : The example flow chart here illustrates the calculation of the factorial N!. Supposing we have an example of a simple algebraic equation X = A + B Thus we might expect an algorithm to be formulated into an algebraic equation such as the example above, whereby two arbitrary " input variables " A and B produces an output X. As we see in Algorithm characterizations — the word algorithm implies much more than this, something on the order of (for our addition example) : Precise instructions (in machine language understood by a computer ) for a " fast, efficient and good " process that specifies the " activities " of that computer to find, decode, and then process arbitrary input integers/symbols A and B, symbols + and = and produce, in a " reasonable " time, the accurate and precise output-integer X at a specified place and in a specified format. Algorithms are essential to the way computers, routers, switch modules and I/O adapters process information, because a computer application program is essentially itself an algorithm that tells the computer what specific and exact steps to perform and the order to execute the task , such as calculating the result of addition to the two input variables A and B.
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WXGE6105_Bellman Ford's Algorithm - Group Assignment 1 :...

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