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ECN 801_011 Course Outline

ECN 801_011 Course Outline - ECN 801 PRINCIPLES OF...

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ECN 801: PRINCIPLES OF ENGINEERING ECONOMICS Contact Instructor: Tsogbadral (Bagi) Galaabaatar Office Hours : Thursday 12-2pm (JOR 616) Email: [email protected] Lecture: Thursday 3-6pm (LIB 72) Course Description The objective of this course is to introduce basic concepts and ideas of engineering economics and to apply them to economically evaluate various alternatives. Discounted cash flow methods are used to evaluate investment projects that generate cash flows in future time periods. We will cover basic concepts such as time value of money, economic equivalence of cash flows, present worth analysis and rate of return analysis. Using these concepts, we will study about replacement decisions and economic analysis of public sector. Lastly, we will cover inflation and analysis of project risk. Course Materials Required Textbook : Contemporary Engineering Economics: A Canadian Perspective, Third Canadian Edition , Chan S. Park; Ming J. Zuo; Ronald, 2011, Pearson Education ISBN: 9780321749659 Course Requirements Midterm #1 30% Midterm #2 30% Final 40% Total 100% There will be two midterm exams and one final exam. All tests will be closed-book. Problem sets will be assigned regularly. Even though the problem sets will not be graded, students are encouraged to solve the problems to further understand the material and to prepare for the tests. Answers will be posted on Blackboard. Please use only your Ryerson e-mail address. I will not respond to the e-mail that is written from non-Ryerson e-mail account. Please put your cellphone in silent mode during the class.
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Tentative Course Outline Week 1 January 12 Chapter 1: Engineering Economic Decisions Week 2 January 19 Chapter 3:
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ECN 801_011 Course Outline - ECN 801 PRINCIPLES OF...

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