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8/27/2011 1 ME-340 Circuits & Mechatronics Lecture # 03 2010.08.29 (Reminder) Homework (Due We 08/31 in class) Read chapter 1 Summarize it in 10 lines Return it in class Two first chapters of the Hambley book will be posted on blackboard today 2 Before/After Electronics 3 Eniac (1946) General purpose math engine with meory and software Difference engine 2 (1836) ALU with memory. Charles Babbage Video Analytical Engine 2 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=KBuJqUfO4-w
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8/27/2011 2 Schedule 5 Main Units in Circuits Charge, Voltage & Current 6 i ( t ) dq ( t ) dt q t V W q Electric Charge q [coulombs-C] Voltage V [volts-V = J C -1 ]: difference of electric potential (charge difference) , or Work [joules-J] per charge Current i [Amperes A = C s -1 ]: charges in motion over a medium , or flow of charge per unit time. Solar wind Schematic Diagram & Elements 8 Sample of Component Library System Schematic Video memristor 9 http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=rvA5r4LtVnc&feature=related
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