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10/12/2011 1 ME-340 Lecture # 20 2010.10.12 Reminder Problem Homework (Due Fr 10/14 in class) Hambley 5 th edition, Chapters 10, Problems: Basic Diodes: 10.6, 10.13 Load Line Analysis of Diode Circuits: 10.21, 10.23 Zener Diodes: 10.28 Ideal Diode Model: 10.38, 10.39 Rectifier Circuits: 10.54 Wave Shaping Circuits: 10.69 Small Signal Circuits: 10.85 2 Reminder Chapter Reading Homework (Due Fr. 10/14 in class) Read chapter 13 Summarize each chapter in 10 lines Return it in class 3 Videos 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLi5lEc5Jrw
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10/12/2011 2 Recap from last class 5 Pure Silicon Note: + holes flow in direction of electric field vector Si: 4 valence electrons Doping Replace some Si atoms in crystal with similar Group III ( acceptor ) atoms Group V ( donor ) atoms Doped atom’s free charge carriers (holes & electrons) boosts conductivity Depletion Region BOUND CHARGES! } @ pn junction: p & n concentrations decrease to other layer Gradients diffuse: holes from p layer into n layer electrons from n layer into p layer
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lecture-10-12-handouts - ME-340 Circuits Mechatronics...

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