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10/14/2011 1 ME-340 Lecture # 21 2010.10.14 New Problem Homework (Due Fr 10/21 in class) Hambley 5 th edition, Chapters 13, Problems: v-i: p13.14 Common-Emitter Characteristics: p13.19 Load Line Analysis Common-Emitter: p13.24, p13.29 pnp BJTs: p13.28 Large Signal Analysis of circuits: p13.44, p13.45 Common-Emitter amplifiers: p13.62, p13.64 Emitter-Followers: p13.67 2 New Chapter Reading Homework (Due Fr. 10/21 in class) Read chapter 12 Summarize each chapter in 10 lines Return it in class 3 Videos ICRA Anchorage 4
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2 Recap from last class 5 Load Line analysis V SS Ri D D 0 i D V SS D R (al owed resistor behavior) (al owed diode behavior) (intersection of al owed resistor & diode behaviors) • Graphical method • linear resistor • nonlinear diode • Find circuit operating point Example: Zener Diode Operation (approx. of a power supply) Application: voltage regulator Battery: -20 V < V ss < -15 V short circuit
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lecture-10-14-handouts - ME-340 Circuits Mechatronics...

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