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Student worksheet Public Goods – taking it further 1. Outline the characteristics of a public good. 2. Is there really any such thing as a pure public good ( hint: use the characteristics of public goods that you looked at in q1 to help you think about this) ? 3. Why might private groups/businesses/households sometimes provide goods that we would usually consider to be public goods? Can you think of any examples? 4. a. Explain what is meant by ‘free-riding’.
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Unformatted text preview: b. What factors might make an individual more likely to free-ride? 5. The BBC’s television broadcasting is often seen as an example of a public good (which is how the licence fee is justified). To what extent is TV broadcasting an example of a public good? 6. Question for debate : Is the provision of public goods the most important reason for accepting the existence of government involvement in the economy?...
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