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ANTHROPOLOGY 1 — QUIZ 1 — acceptable answers 1. Charles Darwin … a. was born 200 years ago. b. had a grandfather who also was an evolutionist. c. published “The Origin of Species…” 150 years ago d. went on a voyage around the world as a young man. e. All of the above are true. 2. Biological evolution by natural selection … a. favors health and longevity over numbers of offspring produced b. is an intrinsically progressive mechanism for biological improvement c. did not explain how species could become adapted to their environments d. was independently proposed by Alfred Russell Wallace e. has reached its most advanced point with the evolution of humans 3. Charles Darwin’s theory of the process of biological evolution by natural selection was incomplete because he … a. lacked an understanding of how traits were passed from parents to offspring. b. did not recognize the importance of sexual reproduction. c. failed to see the analogy between artificial selection and natural selection.
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