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ANTHROPOLOGY 1 — Quiz 6 — Acceptable answers 1. Describe two major differences in the skeleton of a typical ape and an old world monkey that are associated with their different modes of locomotion. Apes have no tail, long arms, long curling fingers, highly mobile shoulders 2. Describe an example of social transmission in a monkey species. Clamming, nut cracking, and leaf rubbing in capuchin monkeys Hunting flamingos in baboons Sweet-potato washing and rice-floating in Japanese macaques 3. Describe three examples of tool making and/or use observed in populations of wild chimpanzees. Termite/ant fishing with sticks that have had their leaves removed Nut cracking Leaf-sponge drinking Sharpened sticks used to stab bush babies (Galagos) in their tree burrows. 4. Describe two major differences between chimpanzee and bonobo social behavior. Chimpanzee males stay in their natal group and form a kin coalition that defends territory in which mostly unrelated female and their young forage. Male hierarchy and aggression between neighboring troops involves male aggression, and in some cases killing. Bonobo social organization is more fluid les hierarchical and is not characterized by nearly as much aggressive behavior or territory defense as in chimpanzees. Sexual activity is much more rampant, is not competitive, and may be same sex. 5. What are the major differences that distinguish gibbon reproductive patterns from that of the orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas? Gibbons are pair-bonding with both male and female caring for offspring and defending territory. Both are needed for both functions. None of the great apes (other than ourselves) can be considered pair-bonding, males provide minimal parental care, males
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AN1_Quiz6_Answers - ANTHROPOLOGY 1 - Quiz 6 - Acceptable...

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