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ANTHRO 1— SPRING 2009 — QUIZ 10 1. What is the Flynn effect? When IQ scores have been corrected for cultural- and generation-specific content, and then normalized, the mean IQ scores seem to be steadily increasing in industrialized countries. 2. What is meant by the term “encephalization?” How is it different than the ratio of the brain to the body? Encephalization is the degree of excess brain size above what is “expected” for an animal of that body size, based on interspecies trends of brain/body size allometric scaling. The interspecies trend is not isometric because the ratio of brain to body size is regularly reduced as total body size increases in vertebrates. In mammals this ratio reduces in a pattern crudely similar to the reduction of surface to volume in geometry (i.e. to the 2/3 power). 3. Describe one way to make yourself more encephalized and one way to make yourself less encephalized over the course of a month. You could be come more encephalized by going on a crash diet and losing a lot of body weight, or less encephalized by over-eating and gaining considerable body weight. Loss of a limb could also cause an increase in encephalization or loss of brain tissue due to surgical removal or stroke could make you less encephalized. 4. On average a monkey or ape has a brain that is twice the size of the brain of a carnivore, rodent, or ungulate (hoofed animal) of the same body size. In what sense is this encephalization like the effect of dwarfism? In what way is it unlike dwarfism? This effect is similar to dwarfism in the end result of having a larger brain for a given
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AN1_Quiz10_Sp09_Answers - ANTHRO 1- SPRING 2009 - QUIZ 10...

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