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ANTHRO 1—SPRING 2009—QUIZ 11 1. What evolutionary reason can you give for the finding that there are many otherwise normal people who are unable to learn to read but almost no one who is unable to learn to speak? Spoken language is unique to humans, complex in its structure, and is acquired by very young children at a rapid rate at a time in their development when other forms of learning are not well-developed; almost every human being even in deprived contexts can learn spoken language if exposed to it early. Reading and writing has generally not begun to be acquired until about age five, probably after most competitive connection development in the brain is complete, it takes many years to slowly develop facility with these skills, and is quite variable, in that many people who are exposed to extensive literate training never develop these abilities (e.g. dyslexia). 2. You are a neurologist examining patients with brain damage (either due to stroke or injury). Here are the symptoms of four patients. For each (i) describe or give the name of the area or part of the brain which is most likely damaged; (ii) name the lobe(s) of the cerebral cortex this structure is found in; and (iii) tell which side of the brain (left/right/both) the damage is likely to involve. a. Patient 1 could comprehend what was being said but produced slow halting speech. He had partial paralysis of his right arm and hand. His vocabulary was intact but he some difficulty understanding certain sentences. i. Broca’s area and adjacent motor areas
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AN1_Quiz11_Sp09_Answers - ANTHRO 1-SPRING 2009-QUIZ 11 1...

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