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83-handout - Economics in the News 10 November 2009...

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www.tutor2u.net Economics in the News - 10 November 2009 Questions 1. British Airways announced a £292m loss in the six months to September 09. It carries 3 million passengers a year but what is the size of its aircraft fleet? ( )120 aircraft ( )180 aircraft ( )245 aircraft ( )487 aircraft 2. Which 'price' rose above £1000 for the first time ( )A ticket for four to the 2010 Glastonbury Festival ( )1st return rail fare from Newquay to Kyle of Lochalsh ( )A season ticket to watch Manchester United in 2010-11 ( )One kilogram of silver on the Tokyo market 3. US car giant decided to cancel plans to sell a majority stake in which European car business? ( )Opel/Vauxhall ( )Renault ( )Fiat ( )Skoda 4. Disney Company has announced plans for a huge Disneyland in Shanghai. Which one of the following cities does not have a Disneyland at present? ( )Tokyo ( )Sydney ( )Paris ( )Hong Kong 5. The Sage of Omaha has this week made a £21bn offer for Burlington Northern Santa Fe - a huge US freight railway company. Who is the Sage of Omaha? ( )Bill Gates ( )Dick Fuld ( )Warren Buffett (
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