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1 History & Policy helps historians to the heart of Government - launch of new history section for Number 10 website Thursday, 2 February 2012 Historians from the History & Policy (H&P) Network have been delving behind the famous front door of Number 10 Downing Street to bring to life the fascinating history of the house in a dynamic new history section for the Number 10 website . Lively new biographies of previous Prime Ministers, an exciting monthly feature by expert historians and fresh content on the history of Downing Street itself are among the features launched today. H&P has drawn on the expertise of its national network of 350 historians to provide visitors to the Number 10 website with accessible and freely available articles on: the evolution of the role and office of Prime Minister since the 18th century; the changing role of the Cabinet Secretary; and life after Number 10: what ex-Prime Ministers do with their time. H&P is an independent, charitably-funded initiative based in the Institute of Contemporary British History at King's College London. It is collaborating with Number 10 on a voluntary basis as part of its mission to improve public policy through a better understanding of history. H&P promotes engagement between academic historians, based at universities around the UK, and policy makers in government and elsewhere, helping them to better understand the background to, and possible solutions for, current policy issues. With the eyes of the world on Britain in 2012, those interested in the fascinating history of this unique building and its previous 52 residents will now be able to find out more from expert historians. For example: To be called a 'prime minister' in the 18th century was a term of abuse. The role and office of
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191-no10_website_press - History Policy helps historians to...

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