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203-Message from the new staff_0

203-Message from the new staff_0 - From Places Afar to our...

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In early August, colleagues new to the ESF began Induction with the Human Resources Department at our Centre in Quarry Bay. This was very comprehensive and even included a ‘treasure hunt’ around Hong Kong designed to orientate people, to provide them a fun opportunity to mix with one another and to glean a little about their host culture. We hosted a morning on August 11 here at the College, followed by a lunch and a tour of the local area. This was aimed at helping people locate accommodation, understand the rigours of Immigration, navigate the transport hubs and determine where to find shopping and all other essentials required for settling in – like phones! Once school began (and all reports were that these colleagues were delighted to, at last, meet the students), we have persisted with Phase 2 of Induction. This has been focused, at the micro level, on the systems, processes and key personnel they initially needed knowledge about in order to efficiently function. It now seems timely to share something autobiographical with you about a few of these co-workers. After all, they have fascinating backgrounds, notable professional experiences and skills and talents in an assortment of fields. We’re relishing having them with us. Marc Morris – Principal My name is Marc Morris and I am delighted to have joined STC as Principal this summer. I am particularly grateful for the very warm welcome I have received from
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