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67 | Page NBC poll on the use of online media in the 2008 campaign. (Nov. 2008) Have you watched any of the following online this campaign? TOTAL 18-29 30-39 40-49 50-64 >65 Candidate speeches/ announcements 13 22 17 13 10 5 Interviews with candidates 13 23 18 11 9 3 Campaign commercials 12 25 9 10 10 4 Candidate debates 12 20 16 10 9 2 Any of the above 24 41 28 20 21 7 Age is a key factor here and the trend to online campaigning will grow! As these tools have developed campaign strategists, pollsters, direct mail specialists, fund- raisers and media consultants have become the vital management of all political campaigns. The Campaign in 2008: 5 th September – 4 th November 2008. 1) Media in 2008 a) TV Advertising In 2008 Obama spent $235,974,838 on TV advertising to McCain’s $125,530,148, almost double, and outspent him by $21mn to $11mn on nationally aired TV adverts. This is by far the most costly single item of campaign expenditure and is the main area in which money can make a colossal difference to the reach of the candidate to the electorate and help in winning over independents or leaning voters. Obama also took the expensive decision to take two 30 minute slots of time on NBC and CBS to explain his message at greater length. The Obama campaign broadcast 118 different TV ads to McCain’s 75. Obama and McCain both focused unsurprisingly on the economy but after that the next most prominent issue for McCain was Energy policy whereas for Obama it was healthcare. (also see money below) See here for TV ads aired in 2008 Alternatively click on 2008 in The Living Room Candidate here b) The TV debates (free media) The First Presidential Debate Oxford Mississippi September 26 th video This was meant to be about foreign and security policy (McCain’s field) but the host decided to use his discretion and the first third was about the economic crisis. Obama addressed
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68 | Page McCain directly in his answers trying to make it a “debate” but McCain would not be drawn and simply addressed his responses back to the chair. As in the 1960 debate between Kennedy and Nixon perhaps the most important aspect of the debate was not the content but the sight of both candidates beside each other, bringing home the significant age gap. After the debate the ABC poll participants thought Obama the stronger by 38% - 22% over McCain with the rest undecided or level. The Vice-Presidential Debate St. Louis October 2 nd video This single clash prompted enormous public attention with 73 million people watching “Palin live”, 21 million more than watched the first presidential debate! Indeed it was only 8 million viewers below the record high audience for a presidential debate between Reagan and Carter in 1980. Palin managed to get through it without a major gaffe, although her “down with the people” informality and incessant winking at the camera became a little cloying for my taste. Biden by contrast was formal and senatorial in his approach and appeared rather dull as a result. That said, Palin’s lack of response and knowledge on
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211-pol-sample-uselections - NBC poll on the use of online...

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