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Unformatted text preview: Question Time 11 October 2008 Questions 1. Gordon Brown froze the assets of which country this week? ( )Iceland ( )USA 2. Which couple was cleared of wrongdoing over claiming expenses for a second home? ( )Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper ( )Tony and Cherie Blair 3. Which airport got the go ahead to expand despite environmental groups' protests? ( )Plymouth ( )Heathrow 4. To which country did Alastair Darling go for economic talks this week? ( )USA ( )Iraq 5. The SNP renewed its call for the Scottish Parliament to get full control of what this week? ( )Foreign policy ( )Elections ( )Defence spending ( )Interest rates ( )Russia ( )Austria ( )Gatwick ( )Stansted ( )John and Norma Major ( )Ed and David Miliband ( )Germany ( )Kazakstan www.tutor2u.net 6. A crossparty group of MPs failed to force through a ban on what this week? ( )Smoking ( )Gokart racing 7. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced an assessment of how which group of people was treated this week? ( )Ethnic minority police officers ( )Foreignborn teachers 8. Labour MP George Howarth said his campaign for what was now over? ( )A change in Labour's leadership ( )A ban on smacking 9. It was claimed that voters were prevented from taking part in byelections by what this week? ( )The speed at which elections take place ( )Narrow choice of candidates 10. The PM told the global markets to abide by what this week? ( )A new financial system ( )IMF imposed rules ( )A system of morals ( )Labour Party inspired rules ( )Poor information ( )The two party system ( )A reduction in fuel tax ( )A relaxation in immigration policy ( )Immigrants ( )Cleaners in the NHS ( )Smacking ( )Boxing www.tutor2u.net Answers 1 Iceland 2 Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper 3 Stansted 4 USA 5 Elections 6 Smacking 7 Ethnic minority police officers 8 A change in Labour's leadership 9 The speed at which elections take place 10 A system of morals www.tutor2u.net ...
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