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www.tutor2u.net Question Time 1 March 2009 Questions 1. Who has Lord Mandelson accused of using "scare tactics"? ( )George Osborne ( )Postal unions ( )Ed Balls ( )Vince Cable 2. The age of criminal responsibility in Scotland is to be raised from eight to: ( )Nine ( )Ten ( )Eleven ( )Twelve 3. According to David Davis, British people have been careless with their: ( )Credit cards ( )Civil liberties ( )Health ( )Choice of marital partners 4. The Tories have proposed what policy to deal with high crime areas? ( )Ballroom dancing classes ( )More youth clubs ( )Curfews for teenagers ( )Mobile jail units 5. Gordon Brown has pledged to "use every legal means at our disposal" to do what? ( )Be the first European PM to meet Barack Obama ( )Claw back Sir Fred Godwin's pension ( )Prevent changes to parliamentary boundaries ( )Privatise the Royal Mail
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www.tutor2u.net 6. Nottingham has become the first city in England outside London to have what?
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Unformatted text preview: ( )A speaker's corner ( )An elected mayor ( )A council with a BNP leader ( )A congestion charge 7. Who was jailed for texting while driving on the M1? ( )Lord Ahmed ( )Lord Templeton ( )Lord Bruce ( )Lord Davis 8. Which party received the most political donations in the last quarter of 2008? ( )Conservatives ( )Labour ( )BNP ( )Lib Dems 9. Who has launched the "real help now" website? ( )Gordon Brown ( )Citizens Advice Bureau ( )Royal Bank of Scotland ( )HMCE 10. Who, according to the TaxPayers' Alliance, can earn up to £1m in expenses? ( )Senior bankers ( )European MPs ( )NHS bosses ( )Government spin-doctors www.tutor2u.net Answers 1 Postal unions 2 Twelve 3 Civil liberties 4 Mobile jail units 5 Claw back Sir Fred Godwin's pension 6 A speaker's corner 7 Lord Ahmed 8 Conservatives 9 Gordon Brown 10 European MPs...
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215-questiontime010309 - )A speaker's corner)An elected...

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