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www.tutor2u.net Question Time 2 February 2009 Questions 1. Strikers angry at the Lyndsey oil refinery reminded Gordon Brown of what slogan this week? ( )Oil for all ( )Fair pay and fair play ( )Its not over until the PM sings ( )British jobs for British workers 2. David Cameron encouraged business leaders to embrace what? ( )Compassionate conservatism ( )Moral capitalism ( )Socialism ( )Anarchism 3. Gordon Brown was interrupted by what at a conference? ( )A protestor ( )A bomb scare ( )Someone throwing a shoe at him ( )His mobile phone 4. Which four Lords are being investigated for taking cash-for-influence? ( )Moonie, Snape, Taylor, Truscott ( )Loonie, Snape, Taylor, Truscott ( )Moonie, Snape, Taylor, Presscott ( )Loonie, Slap, Mellor, Truscott 5. Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb does what at night? ( )He goes rock-climbing ( )He attends 'grime' concerts ( )He would rather not say ( )He works in a soup kitchen
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www.tutor2u.net 6. The government said that every home should have access to what by 2012?
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Unformatted text preview: ( )Solar power ( )Broadband Internet ( )Tickets for the Olympics ( )Equality of opportunity 7. John Prescott is fronting a Labour campaign encouraging party members to do what? ( )Give more money to the party ( )Get fit and lose weight ( )Canvass the public from home ( )Practice their boxing skills 8. Which UK city might pilot the ID card scheme? ( )Manchester ( )Liverpool ( )Edinburgh ( )Cardiff 9. The government won a vote over the third runway at Heathrow with what majority? ( )2 ( )56 ( )139 ( )19 10. Who has been instructed to return £3,757 of taxpayers' money? ( )Jack Straw ( )Derek Conway ( )Lord Archer ( )Alistair Darling www.tutor2u.net Answers 1 British jobs for British workers 2 Moral capitalism 3 His mobile phone 4 Moonie, Snape, Taylor, Truscott 5 He attends 'grime' concerts 6 Broadband Internet 7 Canvass the public from home 8 Manchester 9 19 10 Derek Conway...
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215-questiontime020209 - )Solar power)Broadband...

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