215-questiontime061208 - ( )A third runway at Heathrow ( )A...

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Question Time 6 December 2008 Questions 1. Who will not be charged over the late declaration of donations to his Deputy Leader campaign? ( )Harriet Harman ( )George Osborne ( )Jon Cruddas ( )Peter Hain 2. George Osborne called Labour MPs what this week? ( )Europhobes ( )Euro-babes ( )Euro fanatics ( )Euro-zombies 3. Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik called for a review of the contacts social services had with who? ( )Shannon Matthews ( )Shannon Doherty ( )Sharron Davies ( )Stanley Matthews 4. The ECHR ruled that two British men should not have had what retained by British police? ( )Fingerprints ( )Souls ( )Photographs ( )DNA 5. Which Commons official is at the centre of the Damian Green affair? ( )Drum Majorette ( )Serjeant Major ( )Serjeant at Arms ( )Colonel at Arms
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6. Gordon Brown said that he had a 'great deal of confidence' in who? ( )Michael Martin ( )Matthew Martinez ( )Manuel Michels ( )Martin Michael 7. A decision on the building of what was deferred? ( )A third runway at Gatwick
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Unformatted text preview: ( )A third runway at Heathrow ( )A third runway at Manchester ( )A second Channel Tunnel 8. Which of the following bills was NOT in the Queen's Speech this week? ( )Child Poverty Bill ( )Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill ( )Banking Bill ( )National Security Bill 9. The proposed Child Poverty Bill will focus on the government's target to ( )Make unemployed people take training ( )Eradicate child poverty by 2020 ( )Ensure all schoolchildren get 5 GCSEs ( )Spend at least 12% of GDP on the poor 10. Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, has spent 2,000 of taxpayers' money on ( )Christmas presents for prison inmates ( )security guards for her car ( )tickets to England rugby matches ( )training to boost her confidence and image Questions 1 Peter Hain 2 Euro-fanatics 3 Shannon Matthews 4 DNA 5 Serjeant at Arms 6 Michael Martin 7 A third runway at Heathrow 8 National Security Bill 9 Eradicate child poverty by 2020 10 training to boost her confidence and image...
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215-questiontime061208 - ( )A third runway at Heathrow ( )A...

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