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www.tutor2u.net Question Time 14 November 2008 Questions 1. Gordon Brown called for the world to cut what? ( )Taxes ( )Carbon emissions ( )Number of obese people ( )Defence spending 2. The PM's spokesperson denied 'ministerial buck-passing' over what tragic issue this week? ( )Child abuse in Jersey ( )A fatal motorway accident ( )Equipment failures in Iraq ( )Baby P 3. How many illegal immigrants have evaded vetting checks for sensitive security jobs? ( )2,999 ( )11,345 ( )1,350 ( )3 4. Which area went into recession this week? ( )Scandinavia ( )Eurozone ( )China ( )South America 5. Who admitted Britain wouldn't have bid for the Olympics if they had known recession was looming? ( )Lord Mandelson ( )Alastair Darling ( )Alan Johnson ( ) T essa Jowell
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www.tutor2u.net 6. Which department has been accused of complacency over missing laptops? ( )Home Office ( )Foreign Office ( )Prime Minister's Office ( )Cabinet Office 7. Which two men rather surprisingly dined together this week?
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Unformatted text preview: ( )Gordon Brown and David Cameron ( )Peter Mandelson and George Osborne ( )William Hague and Denis Skinner ( )Vince Cable and Gordon Brown 8. Who won Parliamentarian of the Year at the Spectator Awards this week? ( )George Osborne ( )William Hague ( )Vince Cable ( )Lord Mandelson 9. Why is MP Laura Moffatt unlikely to forget the size of her majority? ( )It is tattooed on her left foot ( )The papers always refer to it ( )She has a necklace in the shape of the number '37' ( )It is the same as her age 10. MPs have backed government plans for what this week? ( )New select committees for Welsh regions ( )New select committees for English regions ( )A new select committee for pensioners ( )Lowering the voting age to 17 www.tutor2u.net Questions 1 Taxes 2 Baby P 3 1,350 4 Eurozone 5 Tessa Jowell 6 Home Office 7 Peter Mandelson and George Osborne 8 Vince Cable 9 It is tattooed on her left foot 10 New select committees for English regions...
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  • Taxes, UK MPs 2005-, Members of the United Kingdom Parliament for English constituencies, UK MPs 2001-2005, UK MPs 1997-2001, New select committees, Peter Mandelson

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215-questiontime141108 - )Gordon Brown and David...

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