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215-questiontime181008 - www.tutor2u.net 6 The final...

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www.tutor2u.net Question Time 18 October 2008 Questions 1. Barack Obama told an audience this week that he came from where? ( )Birmingham, Alabama ( )New York ( )The Planet of Krypton ( )Hastings, Sussex 2. Barack Obama joked this week that his middle name was in fact: ( )Steve ( )Bobby ( )Norman ( )Dave 3. David Cameron broke a truce to attack Gordon Brown's record on what on Friday? ( )Law and order ( )Defence ( )Education ( )The economy 4. Why could MPs be moved out of the House of Commons in the near future? (Multiple Choice Question, 10 points) ( )A complete refit is required ( )Cost cutting measures ( )The place is infested with rats ( )They want a bigger debating chamber 5. Gordon Brown asked petrol retailers to do what this week? ( )Increase the amount of diesel sold ( )Drop prices ( )Increase prices ( )Sell fresher sandwiches
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Unformatted text preview: www.tutor2u.net 6. The final Presidential Election debate was held where on Thursday night? ( )Empire State Building ( )Hofstra University ( )One of John McCain's seven mansions ( )The White House 7. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, a Tory MP, described this week how a bag of what saved his life ( )Stuffed toys ( )Chocolate candies ( )Cigarettes ( )Coal 8. At PMQs this week William Hague attacked Gordon Brown for his what? ( )Hubris ( )Dress sense ( )Lack of honour ( )Nose 9. Harriet Harman defended Lord Mandelson over his links to who this week? ( )An Indian arms dealer ( )A night club dancer ( )A Russian billionaire ( )George Osborne 10. The SNP's annual conference supported a move for what this week? ( )A new financial system ( )A tax on English tourists ( )Subsidies for private education ( )A ban on Under 21s buying alcohol...
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215-questiontime181008 - www.tutor2u.net 6 The final...

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