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11 what problems might the uwp headquarters face in

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Unformatted text preview: al marketing in non-profit organizations. OR 15. Examine the role of social marketing for the success of UWP's Mission in Loyka. 16. Distinguish between market orientation and social marketing. 17. Discuss the extent to which a change in leadership style of the Commander might benefit the UWP Mission in Loyka. OR 18. To what extent can a situational leadership style of General Pierce improve the morale of the UWP troops at Loyka? 19. To what extent will General Pierce's decision to "build either a hospital or a new university campus" enable UWP to position itself as being socially responsible and create a competitive advantage? 20. Compare the key objectives of the private sector with that of the public sector and explain why governments see partnership with the private sector as beneficial. 21. Explain two non-financial rewards that General Pierce could use to motivate the UWP troops. 50 questions on UWP Mission to LOYKA, Leena Palekar December 16, 2011 22. Explain three advantages to General Pierce of delegating responsibility to Colonel Donovan. 23. Evaluate whether acting with social responsibility can enable UWP Mission to gain a competitive advantage. 24. Using the organization chart of...
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