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Unformatted text preview: Paper 1 case study: United World Peace Mission to LOYKA 50 questions Leena Palekar, ISS International School, Singapore. ABSTRACT I have prepared 50 questions on the UWP Mission to Loyka case study. Please feel free to use them with your students. I have not assigned any marks for each question, it is just a random summary of questions that I could relate as I read the case study. The questions flow in the order of the case study. I have not written down answers to any of the questions at this stage. I will be getting my students to do most, as part of their learning process of the case study. 50 questions on UWP Mission to LOYKA, Leena Palekar December 16, 2011 QUESTIONS: 1. Explain how the UWP Mission may use its Mission Statement to create competitive advantages. 2. Explain how ethical objectives can provide a non-profit organization like UWP with competitive advantages. OR 3. Evaluate the benefits to UWP Mission of setting ethical objectives. 4. Evaluate the suitability of a tall, centralized organization structure for the UWP Mission. 5. Analyze the appropriateness of an autocratic leadership style adopted by the UWP Commander, Ron Meiri. OR 6. Explain three reasons why the UWP Commander, Ron Meiri may have adopted an autocratic style of leadership. 7. With reference to appropriate motivational theory, analyze the likely impact of UWP's organizational culture on the level of motivation of its troops. 8. Comment on the problems that UWP may encounter in trying to change the culture of its organization. 9. Suggest three policies that UWP could implement in Loyka to put their mission statement into practice. 10. Using relevant motivational theory, explain why Ron Meiri's approach has led to resentment/dissatisfaction amongst "the olive hats". 11. What problems might the UWP headquarters face in changing its strategy for 2011? 12. Identify the costs and benefits associated with UWP head quarter's decision to change its strategy in 2011. 13. With reference to UWP Mission, distinguish between strategic objectives and operational objectives, and describe how these are inter related. 14. Analyze one advantage and one disadvantage of using social marketing in non-profit organizations. OR 15. Examine the role of social marketing for the success of UWP's Mission in Loyka. 16. Distinguish between market orientation and social marketing. 17. Discuss the extent to which a change in leadership style of the Commander might benefit the UWP Mission in Loyka. OR 18. To what extent can a situational leadership style of General Pierce improve the morale of the UWP troops at Loyka? 19. To what extent will General Pierce's decision to "build either a hospital or a new university campus" enable UWP to position itself as being socially responsible and create a competitive advantage? 20. Compare the key objectives of the private sector with that of the public sector and explain why governments see partnership with the private sector as beneficial. 21. Explain two non-financial rewards that General Pierce could use to motivate the UWP troops. 50 questions on UWP Mission to LOYKA, Leena Palekar December 16, 2011 22. Explain three advantages to General Pierce of delegating responsibility to Colonel Donovan. 23. Evaluate whether acting with social responsibility can enable UWP Mission to gain a competitive advantage. 24. Using the organization chart of UWP Mission in Appendix 1, comment on the existing span of control. 25. Explain the various stages involved in the decision-making process about whether to build a university or a hospital in Loyka. 26. Prepare a SWOT analysis for Kos Palouk's business. Based on the SWOT analysis, evaluate any 2 opportunities that Kos can benefit from the construction of a new university. 27. Prepare a SWOT analysis for Kos Palouk's business. Using your SWOT analysis, discuss the two options available to Kos as he considers expansion of his business. 28. Prepare a PEST analysis for Loyka. 29. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using cell production to construct a hospital. 30. Outline a suitable marketing mix if Kos supplied his produce to the retailers in Beral. 31. Examine three economies of scale that Kos may benefit from increasing the scale of his produce distribution business. 32. Evaluate potential sources of finance for a small produce distribution business like that of Kos to fund the purchase of the following: i) poultry ii) delivery vans iii) refrigerated warehouse 29. Using Ansoff Matrix, evaluate the strategic options available to companies/ individuals seeking private-public partnership in the research and development of a new university. 33. Examine the potential problems Kos may face as a result of expansion into Beral. 34. Explain how the aims and objectives of a non-profit organization may be different from those of a profit-making organization. 35. Identify three possible sources of finance available to Kos to finance the expansion of his produce distribution business to Beral. 36. Explain why Kos' growth plans to Beral are likely to be organic. 37. Identify three ways in which Kos can improve his working capital position. 38. Examine possible methods of growth available to Kos if he expands his produce distribution to Beral. 39. Suggest a possible reorganization of Kos' business if he expands to Beral. 40. Suggest possible advantages and disadvantages if Kos were to adopt a new organization structure based on the "process" type, as part of his expansion plans to Beral. 41. Examine the factors that may influence the choice of recruitment methods used by Kos when he expands to Beral. 42. Analyze how a social and environmental audit of the two construction projects might benefit the UWP Mission. 50 questions on UWP Mission to LOYKA, Leena Palekar December 16, 2011 43. Suggest three benefits of carrying out primary research as opposed to secondary research in helping to decide between the two construction projects. 44. Explain one advantage and one disadvantage for Colonel Donovan of only conducting primary market research. 45. Explain two problems that Kos might have in building a customer base in new markets in Beral. 46. Identify two reasons why a bank/financial institution might be reluctant to fund the expansion plans of Kos' produce distribution business to Beral. 47. General Pierce would have to use "non-financial motivational methods to re- motivate her troops". Explain how non-financial motivational methods might affect job satisfaction and morale of the UWP troops. 48. "Kos can maximize his scale of operation by supplying his produce to Beral". Identify four elements involved in the process of setting up a business. 49. Explain the benefits of using focus groups as opposed to in-depth interviews. 50. Suggest one benefit and one drawback of using focus groups. ...
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