20 compare the key objectives of the private sector

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Unformatted text preview: UWP Mission in Appendix 1, comment on the existing span of control. 25. Explain the various stages involved in the decision-making process about whether to build a university or a hospital in Loyka. 26. Prepare a SWOT analysis for Kos Palouk's business. Based on the SWOT analysis, evaluate any 2 opportunities that Kos can benefit from the construction of a new university. 27. Prepare a SWOT analysis for Kos Palouk's business. Using your SWOT analysis, discuss the two options available to Kos as he considers expansion of his business. 28. Prepare a PEST analysis for Loyka. 29. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using cell production to construct a hospital. 30. Outline a suitable marketing mix if Kos supplied his produce to the retailers in Beral. 31. Examine three economies of scale that Kos may benefit from increasing the scale of his produce distribution business. 32. Evaluate potential sources of finance for a small produce distribution business like that of Kos to fund the purchase of the following: i) poultry ii) delivery vans iii) refrigerated warehouse 29. Using Ansoff Matrix, evaluate t...
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