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27 prepare a swot analysis for kos palouks business

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Unformatted text preview: he strategic options available to companies/ individuals seeking private-public partnership in the research and development of a new university. 33. Examine the potential problems Kos may face as a result of expansion into Beral. 34. Explain how the aims and objectives of a non-profit organization may be different from those of a profit-making organization. 35. Identify three possible sources of finance available to Kos to finance the expansion of his produce distribution business to Beral. 36. Explain why Kos' growth plans to Beral are likely to be organic. 37. Identify three ways in which Kos can improve his working capital position. 38. Examine possible methods of growth available to Kos if he expands his produce distribution to Beral. 39. Suggest a possible reorganization of Kos' business if he expands to Beral. 40. Suggest possible advantages and disadvantages if Kos were to adopt a new organization structure based on the "process" type, as part of his expansion plans to Beral. 41. Examine the factors that may influence the choice of...
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