33 examine the potential problems kos may face as

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Unformatted text preview: recruitment methods used by Kos when he expands to Beral. 42. Analyze how a social and environmental audit of the two construction projects might benefit the UWP Mission. 50 questions on UWP Mission to LOYKA, Leena Palekar December 16, 2011 43. Suggest three benefits of carrying out primary research as opposed to secondary research in helping to decide between the two construction projects. 44. Explain one advantage and one disadvantage for Colonel Donovan of only conducting primary market research. 45. Explain two problems that Kos might have in building a customer base in new markets in Beral. 46. Identify two reasons why a bank/financial institution might be reluctant to fund the expansion plans of Kos' produce distribution business to Beral. 47. General Pierce would have to use "non-financial motivational methods to re- motivate her troops". Explain how non-financial motivational methods might affect job satisfaction and morale of the UWP troops. 48. "Kos can maximize his scale of operation by supplying his produce to Beral". Identify four elements involved in the process of setting up a business. 49. Explain the benefits of using focus groups as opposed to in-depth interviews. 50. Suggest one benefit and one drawback of using focus groups....
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