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Or 3 evaluate the benefits to uwp mission of

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Unformatted text preview: autocratic leadership style adopted by the UWP Commander, Ron Meiri. OR 6. Explain three reasons why the UWP Commander, Ron Meiri may have adopted an autocratic style of leadership. 7. With reference to appropriate motivational theory, analyze the likely impact of UWP's organizational culture on the level of motivation of its troops. 8. Comment on the problems that UWP may encounter in trying to change the culture of its organization. 9. Suggest three policies that UWP could implement in Loyka to put their mission statement into practice. 10. Using relevant motivational theory, explain why Ron Meiri's approach has led to resentment/dissatisfaction amongst "the olive hats". 11. What problems might the UWP headquarters face in changing its strategy for 2011? 12. Identify the costs and benefits associated with UWP head quarter's decision to change its strategy in 2011. 13. With reference to UWP Mission, distinguish between strategic objectives and operational objectives, and describe how these are inter related. 14. Analyze one advantage and one disadvantage of using soci...
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