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www.tutor2u.net The Biz Quiz 2 February 2012 Questions 1. Facebook has announced its intention to sell shares to the public. How much is it looking to raise in the flotation? ( )$28 billion ( )$87.2 billion ( )$100 billion ( )$5 billion 2. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg intends to change his annual salary to what amount? ( )$1 ( )$500,000 ( )$278,995 ( )$1,450,000 3. Tesco's share of the UK grocery market has fallen to a 7-year low. What is it now? ( )17.3 per cent ( )45.6 per cent ( )29.9 per cent ( )65.2 per cent 4. John Browett, the CEO of Dixons Retail, has been poached to run which business? ( )Argos ( )M&S Simply Food ( )Google's new education division ( )Apple's retail stores 5. Former boss of RBS has been stripped off his knighthood. What was his nickname at RBS? ( )Fred the Shred ( )McTaggish of the Yard ( )Hamish the Hamster ( )Boris the Banker
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www.tutor2u.net 6. Stephen Hester has decided to forego what? ( )The chance to be CEO of MySpace ( )The job as the new Dragon on Dragons Den
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Unformatted text preview: ( )The chance to appear on The Apprentice ( )A £1m bonus 7. Which social network shut down this week sparking concerns that it had closed? ( )Bebo ( )Twitter ( )MySpace ( )FriendsReunited 8. What reason has consoles manufacturer Nintendo given for recording a heavy loss? ( )A rise in the Yen / $ exchange rate ( )Rising plastic prices ( )Competition from tablets and smartphones ( )People are bored with playing games 9. An online baby products retailer owned by supermarket giant Morrisons has made a large acquisition. The name of the business is? ( )Kiddicare ( )Ahh Dudd-Dums ( )Mamas & Papas ( )TumbleTots 10. Which two business are in talks to form a "merger of equals"? ( )Facebook and Twitter ( )Harrods and Harvey Nichols ( )Airbus and Boeing ( )Glencore and Xstrata www.tutor2u.net Answers 1 $5 billion 2 $1 3 29.9 per cent 4 Apple's retail stores 5 Fred the Shred 6 A £1m bonus 7 Bebo 8 Competition from tablets and smartphones 9 Kiddicare 10 Glencore and Xstrata...
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