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17-bizquiz111111 - Who is he)Bruno Brookes)Marc...

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www.tutor2u.net The Biz Quiz 11 November 2011 Questions 1. Which iconic sports venue is to be renamed the Sports Direct Arena? ( )St James' Park Newcastle ( )The Oval TABS CC ( )Wimbledon ( )Sunderland Ice Rink 2. The private sector is to run what for the first time in the UK? ( )A prison ( )A postal service ( )An NHS hospital ( )A nationalised coal mine 3. According to the CEO of supermarket chain WM Morrisons, what has happened to a third of its customers by the end of the month? ( )They have forgotten what they bought ( )They have put on at least 2lbs in weight ( )They have run out of money ( )They have unused discount vouchers 4. Rakuten, Japan's biggest internet retailer, is taking over a firm called Kobo. What does Kobo sell? ( )Holidays ( )Sushi ( )Flat-pack furniture ( )eBooks 5. Which retail chain has just been sold for £2? ( )Comet ( )Past Times ( )Dorothy Perkins ( )Game
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www.tutor2u.net 6. The CEO of M&S has reported a fall in sales and profits.
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Unformatted text preview: Who is he? ( )Bruno Brookes ( )Marc Bolland ( )Marc Bolan ( )Bob Marcus 7. A committee of MPs has supported the business case for which project? ( )HS2 ( )BP1 ( )Ceefax6 ( )IOU 8. Carphone Warehouse is to close all of its 11 stores trading under the name. .. ( )Best Before ( )Phones4u ( )Best Buy ( )Comet 9. Qantas is to offer what to passengers hit by its decision to halt all flights during an industrial dispute? ( )Free tickets ( )AUS$ 1,000 each ( )DVD box sets of Neighbours or Home & Away ( )Business class upgrades for life 10. Who has announced plans to create 1,000 new jobs in Solihull? ( )British Aerospace ( )Birmingham Midshires ( )Ikea ( )Jaguar Land Rover www.tutor2u.net Questions 1 St James' Park Newcastle 2 An NHS hospital 3 They have run out of money 4 eBooks 5 Comet 6 Marc Bolland 7 HS2 8 Best Buy 9 Free tickets 10 Jaguar Land Rover...
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