17-bizquiz141011 - fixing by suppliers of ( )Bananas (...

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www.tutor2u.net The Biz Quiz 14 October 2011 Questions 1. Research has revealed that a fifth of FTSE100 Boards of Directors don't contain. .. ( )Anyone who has started a business ( )Any women ( )Anyone who has worked overseas ( )Any qualified accountants 2. CEO Ben Gordon resigned this week. Which struggling business has said goodbye to him? ( )Mothercare ( )BAE Systems ( )Habitat ( )Waitrose 3. The Parliament of which country blocked the latest EU bailout plan this week? ( )Ireland ( )Slovenia ( )Slovakia ( )Poland 4. Customers of which popular technology brand were left fuming after major disruption to their service? ( )Pineapple ( )Apple ( )Orange ( )Blackberry 5. What costly bad news has Sony announced? ( )A new hacking of the PlayStation network ( )A delay to the launch of PlayStation 4 ( )The retirement of Sonic the Hedgehog ( )A recall of 1.6 million Bravia televisions
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www.tutor2u.net 6. For the second time in three years, the European Union has levied large fines for price-
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Unformatted text preview: fixing by suppliers of ( )Bananas ( )Football shirts ( )Electricity and Gas ( )Mobile phone calls 7. Which European bank has been nationalised to save it from failure? ( )National Bank of Belgium ( )Contagia ( )Alovera ( )Dexia 8. Which brand has committed to selling fish products only from sustainable sources? ( )Yo! Sushi ( )Iceland Frozen Foods ( )McDonalds ( )Tesco 9. Which business this week launched a 1billion sustainability strategy? ( )Santander ( )Sainsburys ( )Pearson ( )The Body Shop 10. Which brand came out in public support of the controversial "occupy Wall Street" protests in New York? ( )Ben & Jerry's ( )Goldman Sachs ( )Apple ( )Abercrombie & Fitch www.tutor2u.net Questions 1 Any women 2 Mothercare 3 Slovenia 4 Blackberry 5 A recall of 1.6 million Bravia televisions 6 Bananas 7 Dexia 8 McDonalds 9 Sainsburys 10 Ben & Jerry's...
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17-bizquiz141011 - fixing by suppliers of ( )Bananas (...

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