17-bizquiz150911 - ( )Readers Digest 7. Where is the World...

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www.tutor2u.net The Biz Quiz 15 September 2011 Questions 1. A rogue trader has run up £1.3billion in losses at. .. ( )Goldman Sachs ( )UBS ( )Milken Associates ( )RBS 2. Tesco have had an advert banned. What was the advert promoting? ( )Discount petrol ( )Christmas hampers ( )Car insurance ( )Sausages 3. The UK government says it wants to remove what from food packaging? ( )Sell-by dates ( )Pictures of children ( )Calorie and fat data ( )Barcodes 4. What happened to latest half-year profits at John Lewis Partnership? ( )They fell by 55% ( )They rose by 24% ( )They increased by 98% ( )They stayed the same 5. Revenues at Comet electrical stores have fallen 22%. Who owns Comet? ( )Home Retail Group ( )B&Q ( )Kesa ( )Dixons Group
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www.tutor2u.net 6. Which magazine has decided to diversify and open its own branded college in London? ( )Conde Nast ( )Nuts! ( )PC World
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Unformatted text preview: ( )Readers Digest 7. Where is the World Economic Forum meeting this week? ( )Scunthorpe (UK) ( )Darian (China) ( )Toronto (Canada) ( )Stockholm (Sweden) 8. The cost of doing what has risen by £400 (20%) in the last four years? ( )Botox ( )Double-glazing ( )Dying ( )Running a small car 9. What has been extended from 50 years to 70 years? ( )Copyright protection on sound recordings ( )The maximum duration of a pension ( )The shelf-life of Spam ( )Bruce Forsyth's contract with the BBC 10. More than 110,000 UK workers have lost their jobs in the last three months. Where from? ( )High street retailers ( )The City of London ( )The public sector ( )Farms reliant on migrant labour www.tutor2u.net Answers 1 UBS 2 Sausages 3 Sell-by dates 4 They fell by 55% 5 Kesa 6 Conde Nast 7 Darian (China) 8 Dying 9 Copyright protection on sound recordings 10 The public sector...
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17-bizquiz150911 - ( )Readers Digest 7. Where is the World...

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