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17-bizquiz181111 - )Don't know how to advertise...

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www.tutor2u.net The Biz Quiz 18 November 2011 Questions 1. Sir Richard Branson has just paid £747million to buy a business. Which one? ( )British Midland Airlines ( )Northern Rock ( )HMV ( )Everything Everywhere 2. Who is being sued in a high profile court case by business rival Boris Berezovsky? ( )Ivor Adenough ( )Hazan Mingefacker ( )Lord Sugar ( )Roman Abramovich 3. A group of businesses is urging the complete removal of which tax? ( )Stamp Duty ( )Whisky Duty ( )Air Passenger Duty ( )Estate Agent Commission Tax 4. The Airmiles reward scheme has been re-launched under the name of... ( )Adios ( )Avios ( )Ripioff ( )Offerz 5. Warren Buffett has paid $10billion for a 5.4% stake in... ( )Facebook ( )Twitter ( )Coca-Cola ( )IBM
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www.tutor2u.net 6. According to the CIPD, UK employers are reluctant to hire new employees mainly because they... ( )Lack confidence about future
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Unformatted text preview: ( )Don't know how to advertise properly ( )Fear too many applications ( )Want to hire free interns 7. UK music firm EMI has said it will sell its recorded music unit for £1.2bn to ( )Paul McCartney ( )Spotify ( )Universal Music ( )Apple iTunes 8. Google has launched a music service to rival iTunes. What is it called? ( )Google Music ( )G-Songs ( )Google Sounds ( )iMusic 9. Which troubled transport firm has been put into liquidation? ( )Kingfisher Air ( )Hoverspeed ( )Seafrance ( )Grand Central Line 10. Youth unemployment in the UK has passed what terrible milestone? ( )10% of all young people ( )500,000 unemployed ( )1 million unemployed ( )2 million unemployed www.tutor2u.net Answers 1 Northern Rock 2 Roman Abramovich 3 Air Passenger Duty 4 Avios 5 IBM 6 Lack confidence about future demand 7 Universal Music 8 Google Music 9 Seafrance 10 1 million unemployed...
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17-bizquiz181111 - )Don't know how to advertise...

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