17-bizquiz200112 - giant Mller? ( )Robert Wiseman ( )Arla...

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www.tutor2u.net The Biz Quiz 20 January 2012 Questions 1. Which iconic brand has just filed for bankruptcy protection in the US? ( )Chevrolet ( )Dunkin Donuts ( )Levi Strauss ( )Kodak 2. Which business announced that its total bill for pay and bonuses in 2011 was £8 billion? ( )Goldman Sachs ( )National Health Service ( )Royal Bank of Scotland ( )McDonalds 3. A firm called Peacocks has been placed into administration. What sector does it operate in? ( )Care homes ( )Clothing retailing ( )Electrical goods retailing ( )House building 4. The co-founder of Yahoo has announced he is leaving the firm. Who is he? ( )Piers Murdoch ( )Zak Markenberg ( )Steve Jobson ( )Jerry Yang 5. The firm that owns Ambrosia, Oxo and Bisto plans to cut 5% of its workforce. What is the name of the firm? ( )Great British Brands ( )Premier Foods ( )Unilever ( )Procter & Gamble
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www.tutor2u.net 6. Which UK business has been bought for £280m by Germany's yoghurts and desserts
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Unformatted text preview: giant Mller? ( )Robert Wiseman ( )Arla Foods ( )Lurpak Dairy Corporation ( )Cheesestrings Limited 7. Which gift retailer finally admitted defeat and placed itself into administration? ( )Past Times ( )Old Curiosity Shop ( )Gadgets4u ( )Sheila's Bazaar 8. Serviced office group Regus has announced plans to open business lounges in which unusual locations? ( )Petrol stations ( )Public toilets ( )School staffrooms ( )Hospital waiting rooms 9. What is the parent company of the stricken cruise liner Costa Concordia? ( )Italian Cruise Experiences ( )P&O ( )Virgin Cruises ( )Carnival 10. The rate of inflation as measured by the CPI has fallen to. .. ( )1.5 per cent ( )4.2 per cent ( )6.8 per cent ( )2.9 per cent www.tutor2u.net Answers 1 Kodak 2 Goldman Sachs 3 Clothing retailing 4 Jerry Yang 5 Premier Foods 6 Robert Wiseman 7 Past Times 8 Petrol stations 9 Carnival 10 4.2 per cent...
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17-bizquiz200112 - giant Mller? ( )Robert Wiseman ( )Arla...

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