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17-bizquiz280111 - The Biz Quiz 28 January 2011 Questions 1...

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www.tutor2u.net The Biz Quiz 28 January 2011 Questions 1. Alassane Ouattara, the President of the Ivory Coast, has implemented a one-month ban on the exporting of which commodity? ( )Ivory ( )Sugar ( )Coffee ( )Cocoa 2. Why has the trial of entrepreneur Allen Stamford for an alleged $7 billion Ponzi scheme been put on hold? ( )He has had a heart attack ( )He is mentally unfit ( )He has paid the judge $50m ( )He is attending the Cricket World Cup 3. According to provisional estimates, what happened to GDP in the UK in the last quarter of 2010? ( )Fell by 0.5% ( )Stayed the same ( )Fell by 0.2% ( )Increased by 0.2% 4. BSkyB has announced that it has finally achieved an important corporate objective. What is that target? ( )Break-even for Sky News HD ( )Getting rid of Andy Gray & Richard Keys ( )10 million subscribers ( )Net profits of £100 million 5. The government has announced plans for changes in what area of human resource legislation ( )Health & safety ( )Overtime ( )Employment tribunals (
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