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Bonk Research Group The “E-Team” (Extreme Learning + Emerging Learning Technologies and Web 2.0 + E-Learning & Blended Learning) Three Areas of Investigation/Inquiry: I. E xtreme Learning (outdoor, nontraditional, informal, etc.) II. E merging Learning Technologies and the Web 2.0 (e.g. wikis, wikibooks, shared online video like YouTube, blogs, mobile learning, and online language learning) III. E -learning and Blended Learning (of any type or educational sector) Introductory Comments: Note that I merge my teams though I sometimes hold individual meetings. My main interest at the present time is in Area #1 on Extreme Learning. Those interested in one of the other two areas are welcome to join my team but will likely have to be more of a team leader. Meeting times and dates vary based on group member availability and interest. Keep in mind, that I am not IU- or IST-Centric in my approach. I often involve colleagues from other universities and countries in my research projects. I am more of an academic rebel with interests in global and international education, learning for the sake of learning (lifelong learning), documenting the different ways that people learn outside of traditional schooling or societal structures, and generally helping people learn how, when, or where they want. Anyone can now learn anything from anyone else at any time. I do not like procedures, forms, requirements, prerequisites, policies, and nitpicky details; especially when it comes to human learning and development. Each human should be able to choose his/her own unique learning path and goals and change it when and where they want as new ways to learn arise as well as exciting contents to learn about. Area #I. Extreme Learning/Nontraditional Learning: Exploring how people learn or teach with technology in unusual ways; such as from planes, trains, boats, mountain tops, islands, icebergs, space stations, parks, monuments, war zones, religious missions, retreats, vacation resorts, submarines, camps, research stations (e.g., Antarctica), outdoor classrooms, grocery stores, museums, zoos, conferences and institutes/summits, cafes, bookstores, nursing homes, hospital beds, shopping malls, virtual worlds, online communities or groups, webinars, webcam experiences, text messaging, mobile devices, virtual schools, open educational resources and opencourseware, open universities, free universities or courses, etc. I currently call this “extreme learning” though some refer to it as informal learning or nontraditional learning. That is fine with me. As part of this, I am attempting to record “empowerment moments” wherein people lives, and, in effect, their identities, were changed due to their use of technology. In
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151-Bonk_Research_Group_2010-2011 - Bonk Research Group The...

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