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Copyright tutor2u 2010/11 www.tutor2u.net Name: Date: Teacher: Class: Section 1 The Business Organisation DOWN 1. The owners of a company 3. A tax levied on the import of goods and services 4. The liability faced by sole traders and partners 5. The business which runs a franchise in a specific territory or area 6. Where a business sells to customers located in another country 7. The way in which a business sets out to achieve its aims and objectives 8. The place where a firm decides to conduct its business 11. A limit on the quantity of imported goods and services that can be brought into a domestic market ACROSS 2. Integration which involves businesses joining together that are at the same stage of the production process 5. Where a business acquires the right to use the name and products of another business 7. A company that is owned by another company 9. ________ of scale. Occur when costs per unit increase as a business expands 10. Methods of business growth using acquisitions, mergers, takeovers etc
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160-crossword-aqagcseunit2-busorg - Name: Teacher: Date:...

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