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Edexcel AS Business Studies Unit 4a Making Business Decisions Specification Resource Map Key topics on the Edexcel Unit 4a Specification mapped to the tutor2u Business Studies Blog
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Section C © Edexcel Limited 2010 Edexcel GCE in Business Studies\Economics and Business 42 Unit 4a Making Business Decisions 4.3a Unit content 4.3.1a Corporate objectives and strategy In this section the student considers stakeholder infuences on corporate objectives and the potential confict between proFt based and other objectives. They are also introduced to how corporate strategy is developed and infuenced by the competitive environment. Content What students need to know Teacher guidance Corporate objectives Development o± corporate objectives ±rom mission statement/corporate aims. Critical appraisal o± mission statements. Use company annual reports and accounts, company websites or Times 100 case studies ( www.times100. com ) to identi±y company mission statements, corporate aims and objectives. Stakeholder infuences on corporate objectives Di±±erent infuences on objectives, conficting and common aims between stakeholders. Use examples o± conficts between stakeholder objectives, ±or example a supermarket wanting to build a new store to create proFt ±or their shareholders compared with local community concerns over tra±Fc growth. Potential conficts o± socially responsible and ethical behaviour with proFt-based and other objectives. Examine the business principles and objectives o± a multinational company and consider how these confict with stories about their unethical behaviour. Corporate social responsibility (CSR.) DeFne corporate social responsibility and consider the CSR policies of major companies such as Cadbury and Coca Cola. Corporate culture
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165-Edexcel-GCEBus4a - Edexcel AS Business Studies Unit 4a...

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