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Economics and Business Studies Department Economics and Business Studies are offered as two separate A levels at City of London Freemen’s School, both through the AQA examination board. Roughly 35 – 40% of students in the Lower Sixth opt to take one of the subjects at AS level, with at least 90% continuing to complete the full A level course. Last year over 50% of those who had taken one of these two subjects went on to study Economics, Business Management or a related subject at university. Analysis of results, provided by AQA, shows that results at both AS and A2 are well ahead not only of the average for all AQA centres, but also of ‘other similar centres’. The department regularly attracts a number of very talented students, who have entered Cambridge to study Economics or Oxford to study Economics and History or PPE, as well as LSE, UCL, Warwick and many other top universities. This is a very busy department. Students’ enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity about
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