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127-Beat_the_Teacher_3 - A movement along the supply curve...

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Beat the Teacher Highlight any errors you find in the following article Supply Supply is the quantity a producer is willing and able to sell at a given price in a given period of time. When we plot the supply curve, price is on the x axis and quantity is on the y axis. The supply curve is upward sloping. This is because there is an inverse relationship between price and quantity i.e. as price rises quantity rises. The reason the supply curve is upward sloping is because of the profit incentive when price rises
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Unformatted text preview: A movement along the supply curve is caused by a change in the price of another good. A decrease in price causing a rise in quantity demanded will cause a contraction in the demand curve. Other factors that cause quantity supplied to rise or fall make the supply curve shift. If the supply curve shifts to the left quantity supplied falls. Factors that cause the supply curve to shift include subsidies, indirect taxes, costs of production and income....
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