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AQA SCLY1 Unit 1: Families and Households There are 3 sections – choose the CORRECT one, Families and Households (should be section 2), and answer all the questions from that section. Time allowed: 1 hour Maximum marks: 60 Time per mark = max 1 min. Parts (d) and (e) should be answered in continuous prose and you will be marked on your ability to use good English, to organise information clearly and to use specialist vocabulary where appropriate. Section 2 – families and households You will be given 2 items to consider and which will help you answer the questions. The question will refer you to a particular item. If the question says ‘using material from item X’, then you must make sure you make direct reference to an idea or quotes in the item.
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Unformatted text preview: Possible Question outlines Marks Timing (a) definition of key term, e.g. ‘primary soation’ 2 marks <2 mins (b) 2 examples of a particular idea, e.g. two ways in which childhood has become ‘protected and privileged’ 4 marks <4 mins (c) 3 reasons for something e.g. change in divorce rate 6 marks <6 mins OR a combination of shorter answer questions adding up to 12 marks, e.g. (a) explain the difference between two key terms 4 marks <4 mins (b) 2 reasons for something, e.g. divorce 4 marks <4 mins (c) 2 reasons for something, e.g. changing fertility rates 4 marks <4 mins Then 2 mini essays (d) essay question 24 marks 4 min plan 20 min (e) essay question with reference to item 24 marks 4 min plan 20 min...
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