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140-AQA_SCLY2_outline - AQA SCLY2 Unit 2 Education with...

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AQA SCLY2 Unit 2: Education with Research Methods There are 2 sections – choose the CORRECT one, Education (should be section 1). You answer 4 questions on the topic of education, 1 on research methods in context and 4 questions on research methods. Time allowed: 2 hours Maximum marks: 90 Time per mark = max 1 1/3 min. Questions with more than 12 marks should be answered in continuous prose and you will be marked on your ability to use good English, to organise information clearly and to use specialist vocabulary where appropriate. Section A – Education with Research Methods 01-04 You will be given 1 item to consider and which will help you answer the questions. Question 04 will ask you to refer to the item – you must make sure you make direct reference to an idea or quotes in the item. Spend approximately 50 mins on questions 01 to 04 05 methods in context – apply your knowledge of methods to a particular issue in education Spend approximately 30 mins on question 05
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