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Answer the questions by typing your answers into the red boxes. Assessment: The League of Nations 1 Describe the changes in membership of the League of Nations 1919-1939. [4] 2 The League of Nations failed because it failed to punish or deter Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy as they repeatedly flouted international law in the 1930s. Jeffrey Herf, Professor of Modern European History at the University   of Maryland (2003). Herf wrote this in an article criticising Germany for not supporting the war against Iraq . In this statement, Jeffrey Herf suggests that the League failed because it did not stand up to Hitler and Mussolini. Do you agree that this was why the League failed? Explain your answer by referring to the purpose of the source, as well as using its content and your knowledge. [6] 3 Which was the League’s greater failure: a. Its failure to stop wars, or b. Its failure to achieve disarmament? You must refer to
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204-league_of_nations1_AQAexam - AQA-style exam questions....

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