thuc don - Calo Ba sng 100g Ph 30g Tht b Sa ti n nh Chui...

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Unformatted text preview: Calo Ba sng 100g Ph 30g Tht b Sa ti n nh Chui xanh Ph mai Siro Ba tra 200g Go trng 100g Ba gi chin 100g Rau mung xo 1 Tri l n nh Sa Ph mai Sau khi tp Bnh snack 1 hp sa chua Ba ti 200g Go trng 100g Tht b Canh ci Siro n nh Sa Ph mai Chui xanh Tng cng 345 48.48 50 2651.84 84 48.48 145 50.4 84 m (g) Bo (g) Tinh bt (g) 50 48.48 410 399 20 57 96 111 410 168 27 ...
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