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ECE2025 – Spring 2012 Staff Information A. Faculty Francesco Fedele L02, L04 TSRB 415, (use email) B.H. Juang Lecture Centergy 5173, 4-6618 C.H. Lee L09, L11 Centergy 5180, 4-7468 Xiaoli Ma L05, L07 Centergy 5228, 5-7456 Jennifer Michaels L01, L03 VL C296A, 4-2994, 4-4740 Gordon Stuber L06, L08 Centergy 5138, 4-2923 B. Teaching Assistants and Section Assignments Name Email address HW grading Lab grading (assisting) Azgin, Aytac L01, L03 L01 (L03) Dawson, Alexander L02 L11 (L04, L07) Evans, Paul L05, L08 L03 (L05) Gutsue, Rex L06 L05, L07 (L08) McLaughlin, Adam Head TA + Head TA (L11) + Oh, Ji Hun L07 L02, L04 (L06) Ren, Minzhen L04 L08, L09 (L02) Rosenthal, Stephen
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Unformatted text preview: L09, L11 + L06 (L01, L09) + C. Office Hour Chart Faculty: Prof. Fedele: Tu, 2-4 pm, TSRB415 Prof. Juang: M 1-3, VL370 Prof. Lee: T,R 2-3, VL370 Prof. Ma: Th 3-4pm and Fr 1-2pm, Klaus 2128 Prof. Michaels: Tu, 1pm-3pm, VL296A Prof. Stuber: W 1-3, Centergy 5138 TA: Hr. Mon Tue Wed Thu 9 Ji Hun Oh Stephen Rosenthal Minzhen Ren 10 11 Alexander Dawson Alexander Dawson Rex Gutsue 12 1 Adam McLaughlin 2 3 Paul Evans Aytac Azgin 4 5 (contd) D. Recitation (Lab) Section Schedule Mon Tue Wed Thu 12:05-13:25 L05 (L06) L06 (L05) 13:35-14:55 L07 (L08) L08 (L07) 15:05-16:25 L01 (L02) L09 L02 (L01) (L09) 16:35-17:55 L03 (L04) L11 L04 (L03) (L11) E. Exam and Staff Grading Schedule Quiz 1 : 02/06/2012, Fedele, Lee, Stuber, Michaels Quiz 2 : 03/02/2012, Stuber, Fedele, Lee, Ma Quiz 3 : 04/06/2012, Michaels, Ma, Fedele, Lee Final : 05/02/2012; test time 8:00-10:50AM, grading time TBD, ALL...
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StaffInfo-tsquare - L09, L11 +...

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