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ECE2025 – Spring 2012 Staff Information A. Faculty Francesco Fedele L02, L04 TSRB 415, (use email) [email protected] B.H. Juang Lecture Centergy 5173, 4-6618 [email protected] C.H. Lee L09, L11 Centergy 5180, 4-7468 [email protected] Xiaoli Ma L05, L07 Centergy 5228, 5-7456 [email protected] Jennifer Michaels L01, L03 VL C296A, 4-2994, 4-4740 [email protected] Gordon Stuber L06, L08 Centergy 5138, 4-2923 [email protected] B. Teaching Assistants and Section Assignments Name Email address HW grading Lab grading (assisting) Azgin, Aytac [email protected] L01, L03 L01 (L03) Dawson, Alexander [email protected] L02 L11 (L04, L07) Evans, Paul [email protected] L05, L08 L03 (L05) Gutsue, Rex [email protected] L06 L05, L07 (L08) McLaughlin, Adam [email protected] Head TA + Head TA (L11) + Oh, Ji Hun [email protected] L07 L02, L04 (L06) Ren, Minzhen [email protected] L04 L08, L09 (L02) Rosenthal, Stephen
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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] L09, L11 + L06 (L01, L09) + C. Office Hour Chart Faculty: Prof. Fedele: Tu, 2-4 pm, TSRB415 Prof. Juang: M 1-3, VL370 Prof. Lee: T,R 2-3, VL370 Prof. Ma: Th 3-4pm and Fr 1-2pm, Klaus 2128 Prof. Michaels: Tu, 1pm-3pm, VL296A Prof. Stuber: W 1-3, Centergy 5138 TA: Hr. Mon Tue Wed Thu 9 Ji Hun Oh Stephen Rosenthal Minzhen Ren 10 11 Alexander Dawson Alexander Dawson Rex Gutsue 12 1 Adam McLaughlin 2 3 Paul Evans Aytac Azgin 4 5 (cont’d) D. Recitation (Lab) Section Schedule Mon Tue Wed Thu 12:05-13:25 L05 (L06) L06 (L05) 13:35-14:55 L07 (L08) L08 (L07) 15:05-16:25 L01 (L02) L09 L02 (L01) (L09) 16:35-17:55 L03 (L04) L11 L04 (L03) (L11) E. Exam and Staff Grading Schedule Quiz 1 : 02/06/2012, Fedele, Lee, Stuber, Michaels Quiz 2 : 03/02/2012, Stuber, Fedele, Lee, Ma Quiz 3 : 04/06/2012, Michaels, Ma, Fedele, Lee Final : 05/02/2012; test time 8:00-10:50AM, grading time TBD, ALL...
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StaffInfo-tsquare - [email protected] L09 L11...

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