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Create a Netbeans project for the GBA Create a new project for each assignment to stay organized. 1) In Netbeans, create a new project. 2) In your file manager, copy any downloaded source and header files (gba_types.h, video.h, etc.) into the project's folder. 3) In Netbeans, add the files from step 2 to the project by right-clicking the project and selecting ‘Add Existing Item’. For your convenience, add '.h’ files to ‘Header Files’ and ‘.c’ files to ‘Source Files’. 4) I n your file manager, place ‘gba_wrapper.c’ in the project folder. 5) In your file manager, replace the Makefile created by Netbeans (located in the project folder) with the Makefile you have edited for use with the GBA. 6) In Netbeans, open the Makefile (located in ‘Important Files’) and ensure that all ‘.c’ files in the project are listed (separated by spaces) after SOURCES = . 7) Edit the project’s properties by right-clicking the project and selecting ‘Properties’. In ‘Linker’, change ‘Output’ to ‘cs1372‘.
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