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CS1372 - Program Design for Engineers Spring 2012 Class Syllabus Course Content Concepts The students will be expected to be familiar with the following concepts, either by writing code to solve problems, or by diagramming the behavior of the more complex algorithms. General Principles: abstraction hardware concepts testing debugging problem solving Concepts evaluated by coding: data types the use of variables for storing data basic mathematical and logical expressions arrays operations on arrays strings and character arrays structures file input and output conditional statements selection repetition functions and procedures variable scope elementary graphics recursion dynamic data structures Languages We will be focused on ANSI standard C code, using a no-cost commercial cross-platform development environment. Open Door Policy Your instructor maintains an open door policy. You are free to visit him during the posted office hours or, if you prefer a different time, arrange an appointment. It is very important to contact him as soon as you feel that you might need to. Problems, unlike fine wines, don't improve with age. Grading Policies
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There is no curve in this course. However, we may elect to include extra credit assignments at various times during the semester. The grading breakdown is as follows: Homework 26% Quizzes 45% (15 quizzes at 3 points each) Final 29% Letter grade assignments are given according to the following cutoffs with no rounding: 90.0 <= A <= 100 80.0 <= B < 90.0 70.0 <= C < 80.0 60.0 <= D < 70.0 0 <= F < 60.0 You have the right to question your grade on any assignment; but you must initiate discussion about the grade in the following ways: Homework grades may be appealed within two weeks of receiving the grade. Regrades for quizzes must be requested before you leave the meeting when the quiz is returned. Do not write on the quiz itself. Write the reason for the regrade request on a separate sheet, attach that sheet to the quiz and return both to your TA. Should you find yourself having an issue with a grade, contact your TA. If the issue remains, contact your head TA then your instructor. It is your responsibility to ensure that the grade posted in the course management software is correct. Discuss any discrepancy with your TAs or your instructor before the beginning of Finals week. Notice about Homework This class is about programming . Homework must be submitted to the Course Management System (currently, T_Square) as a zip file containing all the source files required to run your code. Submissions that cause errors when they compile or run will receive and automatic zero for the assignment. No exceptions. Homework assignments will be graded by demo. This means that you will sit down with a TA
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CS1372Spring2012Syllabus - CS1372 - Program Design for...

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