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CS1372 Fall 2011 Homework #1 The purpose of this assignment is to help everyone get on the same page with respect to some features of computer hardware. If you have taken ECE 2030 it will be a review. If you are taking ECE2030 it will be a preview. If you are going to take ECE2030 in the future, it will give you a peek at things to come. Download Logisim, a tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits, and follow the instructions. http://ozark.hendrix.edu/~burch/logisim/download.html Note: If you don't have Java installed on your machine you may need to install it. You should be able to run Logisim without installing it. Follow the tutorial (found under the Help Menu) [Steps 0 – 4]. Make memory (a circuit or device that is able to store information) or something even cooler. Now you have 3 options. 1. If you are totally freaked out and lost, you can take the easy way out. Select the Memory choice in
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Unformatted text preview: Logisim and open it. Select RAM and position one on the screen. Note how you can adjust it to control the sizes of the addresses and the size of the contents (think Address Space and Addressability). Hook up some components (inputs and outputs, etc.) that allow you to manipulate it. You are done. 2. Make a D-Latch and then make a small memory using D latches. Around 12 bits total will do. You are done. 3. If you have already done something like this and you understand it then you can make some really cool circuit. Knock our socks off. And you are done. 4. Save your file and submit it by the deadline on T-Square. Please note: This is not a trick or a gotcha. We just want you to play around with memory to get a feel for what it is like. Submission Format Submit your logisim file to tsquare(should end in .circ)....
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