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Homework 2 CS 1372 Bill Leahy Assigned: 01.17.2012 Due: 01.24.2012 Using the Netbeans IDE, begin a new project. Call it Homework_2 , or some other title to help you stay organized. In the source files of your project, make sure that you have a main.c file. This will be where you do your coding. This will also be the file that you submit via T-square before the due date. Do not zip or compress your submission. Submit the main.c file as is. The desired outcome for this assignment is for you to demonstrate the ability to write code in C that will print some text to stdout, or the standard output of your computer. In this case, stdout will be the monitor. The cliché standard for this assignment is to create a "Hello, world!" type program. That is, a
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Unformatted text preview: simple program that only displays the text "Hello, world!"; however, this class is not that boring, so instead you will need to creatively use the printf() function (which is found within the <stdio.h> header file) to create a dazzling or unique display. As stated, be creative. Your TAs will be grading tons of these, so the cooler your code, the better. Within the actual displayed text and characters, you should incorporate either the "\" symbol or the "%" symbol, or both. You will also need to incorporate newline characters in your submission. Good luck, have fun. *** Note that any submitted homework that will not compile (i.e. errors during compilation) will receive zero credit. It is very important that your work compiles and runs....
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