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ECE514_S11_HW_8 - equalizer and the channel is a stationary...

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The problems for homework #8: Implement a three tap LMS equalizer. Assume each delay element offers 10 microseconds of delay, and the transmitted baseband signal x(t) is a train of alternating 1 and -1, where each bit has a duration of 10 microseconds. In each bit, there are 5 samples (upsampling), and the pulse shape of each sample is raised cosine function with rolloff factor ߙ ൌ 1 . If x(t) passes through a time dispersive channel before being applied to the
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Unformatted text preview: equalizer, and the channel is a stationary two path channel with equal amplitude 1/√2 at t = 0 and t = 15 microseconds. Plot the MMSE as function of the number of iterations. ( Hint: 1) The length of x(t) can be set to 800. Run the simulation 20 times, and use the average MMSE to plot. 2) The step size is 0.02. ) Notes: this problem is a sample problem, you need to run the Matlab program and understand the procedure of equalization. No submission is needed....
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